Truck Driver Tragically Loses Life While Using Leaves as Warning Signal

A tragic incident unfolded along the Accra to Kumasi Highway near Atwemamena, a community near Akyem Asafo, resulting in the untimely demise of a Man Diesel trailer truck driver. The driver’s attempt to warn oncoming traffic turned into a heartbreaking tragedy as he was struck by a speeding vehicle.

The ill-fated truck, which was carrying valuable cargo, suffered a mechanical failure during the evening hours in Atwemamena, a local community in the Eastern Region. Regrettably, the driver did not have access to a warning triangle, a crucial safety device for such situations. In his effort to alert approaching drivers, he resorted to the traditional method of cutting weeds and placing them on the road. Sadly, this makeshift warning approach turned fatal when an oncoming vehicle failed to notice the driver on the road, leading to a collision that resulted in his passing. His shocked mate, who witnessed this harrowing incident, was left in deep sorrow.

The news of this accident has left the community in mourning. The driver’s mate, overwhelmed by grief, was unable to hold back tears at the scene. Local law enforcement promptly arrived and took control of the situation. The body of the deceased driver has been transported to the morgue, where it awaits the family’s arrival for further arrangements.

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