t’s ‘haram’ ungodly for a Christian to eat ‘Kusie & Akrantie’ – Great Ampong reveals with bible quotations

Gospel musician, Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong aka Great Ampong, has stated that eating grass cutters and other filthy animals is sinful for a Christian.

Grasscutters, also known as ‘akrantie’ in Ghana, are huge African rodents that are acknowledged as a major rural protein source and popular meat in most Ghanaian restaurants.

“When you read Leviticus chapter 7 verse 8 you will be told about animals which are clean and those unclean like pork, grasscutter, rats, mouse and mentioned a lot of other animals that are unclean”

I will advise any Christian who likes eating pork to desist from it because it’s not good and besides it’s a simple location for demonic possession.

“When you eat pork you are giving yourself up for attacks and it’s not an animal you should focus on but at night you’ll see a lot of people buying pork with fried yam” He said on Cape Coast-based Property Radio.

Credit:Kessben fm 📻

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