Twitter Responds to CNN’s Inquiry About Dismissed Africa Staff with Poop Emoji

Twitter Silent on Former Africa Office Employees, CNN Reports

On July 17, 2023, CNN, an international news outlet, reported that Twitter has remained silent regarding a group of former employees who were dismissed by the company in December 2022. The 11 employees, all working at Twitter’s Africa office in Accra, were let go following Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover of the social media giant.

According to Larry Madowo, CNN’s International Correspondent and host of African Voices Changemakers and Playmakers series, Twitter had initially negotiated a three-month severance package for the former employees through their lawyers. However, in recent weeks, the company has gone silent, failing to provide any further communication or updates regarding the agreement.

In a statement from Carla Olympio, the lawyer representing the former employees, it was stated, “Unfortunately, it appears that after unethically implementing their terminations, violating their own promises and Ghana’s laws, and dragging out the negotiation process for over six months, Twitter has now fallen silent when we are on the verge of reaching a settlement.”

Larry further revealed that CNN’s attempts to seek comments from Twitter via email resulted in a brief and unconventional response—a poop emoji. When discussing the matter with colleague Rahel Solomon, Larry confirmed, “Yes, that’s the response received from the email sent to—a poop emoji.”

The situation raises concerns about the treatment of the dismissed employees and the lack of transparency in the negotiation process. CNN’s report sheds light on the ongoing issues between Twitter and its former Africa office employees, highlighting the need for further clarity and resolution.

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