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Twitter users react to the use of Asanteman flag on coronation flyer

There is currently a controversy surrounding a flyer that features Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and Lady Julia attending the coronation of King Charles III. The flyer, which was posted by a Twitter account called Royal World Thailand, displays a number of royals who were present at the event.

While the other royals were represented by their national flags, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and Lady Julia were depicted with the Gold, Black, Green flag of Asanteman instead of the Ghana flag. This has sparked a Twitter storm, with some people questioning why the Ghanaian flag was not used, as Asanteman is part of Ghana and the Otumfuo is a Ghanaian leader.

However, those who support the use of the Asanteman flag argue that the Otumfuo was invited to the coronation as the leader of the Ashanti Kingdom, which has a strong historical and cultural relationship with the British monarchy. The Asanteman flag is often used to represent the Ashanti Kingdom and is frequently displayed on the Otumfuo’s official vehicles during his travels within Ghana.

In summary, while some people believe that the Ghana flag should have been used, others argue that the Asanteman flag is a more appropriate representation of the Otumfuo’s role at the coronation as the leader of the Ashanti Kingdom.

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