Uncovering the Circumstances Surrounding the Seizure of $10 Million Worth of Cocaine at Tema Port

In a collaborative effort involving the National Security Council (NSC), the Narcotics Control Commission (NARCOC), and freight forwarder Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd, a recent development has shed light on the discovery of $10 million worth of cocaine at the Tema port, as reported by the Ghanaian Chronicle. Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd, with support from NSC and NARCOC, managed the clearance of a consignment comprising 50 containers of sugar from the Meridian Ports Services (MPS)-operated Terminal Three at the Tema Port.

This shipment was part of a larger consignment of 300 containers of sugar from Brazil, destined for a consignee in Ghana. The narcotics-laden containers, originating from Brazil and consigned to Trade Pass Gh Ltd in Ghana, commenced their journey on August 6, 2020, aboard the Mediterranean Shipping Company Ltd (MSC) vessel MV MSC Monterey.

Upon arrival at Terminal 3 of the Tema Port on September 13, 2020, and the initiation of the clearance process by Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd, NSC officials were alerted about a tagged container, prompting surveillance. The container (number MSCU6889036 with security seal FJ08881031) was identified during the discharge of sugar from various containers on September 11 and 12. An analysis of sugar bags from this container revealed pellets suspected to be narcotics.

Throughout the investigation, Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd cooperated fully with security agencies to trace the source of the illicit substances. The seller of the 300 containers of sugar was identified as Sucden Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the Bill of Lading (number MEDUST209567) listing Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd as the ‘Notify Party.’ Investigations further revealed that Tradepass Gh Ltd, chosen as the consignee, faced issues with the Customs warehousing code, leading them to engage Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd for the clearance of the fifty containers, as detailed in the Chronicle’s investigations.

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