MzGee, is beautiful both outside and on the screens. Yesterday, she was a delight to watch on the United Showbiz with her beautiful kente apparel, woven on a silk and cotton fabric with those exotic colors, adorned with some lovely gold ornaments, beads and a soled native sandals, sitting on her queenly throne.

MzGee, was officially welcomed on the the Utv hot seat, with pomp and pageantry with Adwoa Yeboah Agyei and her Adowa group with her towering guests, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, Bullgod, A Plus, Sefa and Fred Nuama which some people sometimes, confuse his name with my Fredyma acronym.

She was confident on her delivery and interactions with her guests and the viewers. Some of the challenges as observed on Facebook by followers comments were, her not so fluent in the twi language. I have no problem with her communication on the show and i must commend her as twi, is not her mother tongue. At least, i understood every word she said. If i could speak her ewe language with such finesse as she spoke the twi language, i would have been happy. She will improve as she gets along. Per the logic of some viewers, then Bulldogod who is also not fluent in the twi language, could have been excused from the program. Kudos MzGee.

Wide variety of issues, were discussed from “sportainment”, VGMA nominations, Kidi’s alleged sickness and “politainment”.

Adowa, was used to welcome MzGee since it was the Asante cultural day. Adowa, is different from Kete since it involves appellations. The talking drums exudes the timbre, the harmonies and the proverbial words that come from the singers, send different messages to the targeted audience. It connotes a lot. Akutia kakra(aspersions)nsramranee kakra(appellations)and dancing gestures to shade.

Since this is her third time of hosting the show, she would definitely improve.
Something “magical” happened on the Facebook eyeballs from 2.6k to an astronomical 7.1k within some few minutes more than Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell record breaking speed! Boi!

Welcome to the world of United Showbiz with MzGee as the compėrė. Will bring you my take when Nana Ama Mcbrown start her show too. Let’s adore our two beautiful sisters who grace our screens without any malicious intentions or comparisons. They all shine and glow differently. Time will tell.

Utv, it’s all about you!

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