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“Upcoming Rise in Immigration and Nationality Fees in the UK”

On October 4, 2023, the United Kingdom is scheduled to implement a series of increased immigration and nationality fees. These changes, formally presented in the UK Parliament on September 15, are aimed at strengthening essential services and allocating more funds for public sector pay raises.

Some noteworthy adjustments include:

  1. The cost of a visit visa for stays under six months will rise by £15, totaling £115.
  2. The application fee for a student visa from outside the UK will increase by £127, reaching a total of £490, aligning with the fee for in-country applications.

The revenue generated from these fees plays a vital role in sustaining the operational capacity of the Home Office’s immigration and nationality system.

The government has emphasized that it carefully considered the financial burden on British taxpayers while striving to provide an attractive service for individuals seeking employment in the UK, thus promoting overall prosperity.

These fee changes encompass various categories, including:

  • Visit visas for durations of up to 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years.
  • Most fees for entry clearance and specific applications for leave to remain in the UK, including those for work and study.
  • Fees for indefinite leave to enter and indefinite leave to remain.
  • Convention travel documents and stateless person’s travel documents.
  • Health and Care visas.
  • Fees related to certificates of sponsorship and confirmation of acceptance for studies.
  • Fees for the super-priority service, both in-country and out-of-country, and the out-of-country fee for the priority service. The settlement priority service fee will be adjusted to align with the cost of using the priority service.
  • Applications to Register and Naturalize as a British Citizen and the fee for the User Pays Visa Application service.

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