Urgent Plea from Afram Plains Residents: Address Chronic Road Challenges

Urgent Plea from Afram Plains Residents: Address Chronic Road Challenges

Frustrated residents of Afram Plains are passionately calling on the appropriate authorities to urgently respond to the continuous challenges they face on their roads. Recently, heavy rainfall caused one of the major roads linking communities in the area to be cut into two by water, exacerbating an already persistent issue.

Emmanuel Ntiamoah, a taxi driver from Maame Krobo, expressed the severity of the situation, stating that cars were unable to pass, and passengers had to continue their journey on foot. This road predicament has persisted for years, despite numerous raised concerns about its dangers and the lack of response from authorities.

Mabel, another resident who regularly commutes the route to Accra, painted a troubling picture of the devastation on the roads, with broken bridges and parts of the road divided into two. She lamented that despite efforts to communicate with leaders, no action has been taken to address the deteriorating conditions.

For others, accessing healthcare in Donkorkrom has become increasingly difficult due to the poor road conditions. They also expressed concerns about the activities of armed robbers operating in the area. Residents emphasized the need for politicians to address these issues promptly and not only during election campaigns.

The heartfelt plea from Afram Plains residents reflects the urgent need for attention to the road infrastructure in the area. Without swift action, the safety and well-being of the community remain at risk, making it crucial for authorities to respond promptly and take necessary measures to address the road challenges.

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