“US State Reveals Date and Number of Immigrant Selections for 2024 Lottery”

The United States has announced the date and number of immigrants selected for the 2024 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, also known as the visa lottery. This program offers an opportunity for up to 55,000 foreign nationals and their families from around the world to legally immigrate to the United States with a green card in 2024.

On May 6, 2023, applicants to the DV-2024 can check if they have been randomly selected for a visa. To verify their application status, applicants can visit the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website and use the DV Entrant Status Check function. This is the only way to confirm whether an individual has been selected, and the results will be available from 12 p.m. EST on May 6 until September 30, 2024.

This announcement provides hope and opportunity for those seeking to immigrate to the United States. The visa lottery is a chance for individuals to achieve their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families in a country that values diversity and welcomes immigrants.

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