VIDEO:Armed Robbers Target Ghanaian worshippers in South African Church of Pentecost, Held at Gunpoint

A Ghanaian community in South Africa faced a distressing incident when armed robbers invaded their Church of Pentecost service. The shocking incident was captured in a video shared by @eddie_wrt on X (formerly Twitter). During the ongoing church service, armed individuals stormed the auditorium, causing immediate chaos.

While the preacher was delivering his sermon, the armed robbers began robbing the congregation at gunpoint. The preacher, who appeared to be the assembly’s leader, was singled out as the robbers took away phones and valuables from him. They also looted from other worshipers present.

One of the robbers even approached the pulpit, coercing the preacher to lead them to the location where money was stored. Regrettably, during the course of these events, it was reported that one elder of the church was kidnapped.

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