Video:Blakk Rasta Questions Afua Asantewaa’s Decision to Forgo Bathing for Five Days in Pursuit of an Insignificant Record.

Blakk Rasta expressed amazement at Afua Asantewaa’s commitment to the singathon, where she set the record for the longest individual singing marathon. However, he raised concerns about her choice of a path with no financial reward, requiring sleep sacrifice and neglect of personal hygiene for five days.

As a controversial radio personality and reggae musician, Blakk Rasta questioned why Afua involved her older brother in the sleepless ordeal, despite his initial support. He couldn’t fathom why she’d opt for this attempt over spending the festive season with her children, seeing little tangible value.

Blakk Rasta’s primary worry was Afua’s decision not to bathe throughout the entire record-breaking attempt. He believed the strict Guinness World Records rules meant only the most resilient individuals could achieve such feats. He also questioned the necessity of enduring sleep deprivation and the strain on her mind, body, and soul. Watch his remarks in the video below.

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