VIDEO:Witness the Transformed Appearance of the Former Drug Addict Who Excelled in BECE with ‘6 As’

Witness the transformed appearance of the previously viral drug addict who excelled in the BECE with ‘6 As’. Prince Aniawu, the former student of Bishop Herman College, is now using his experience as a cautionary tale, urging Ghanaian youth to steer clear of drugs.

In a viral video, Prince revealed that his aspirations of becoming a lawyer were shattered due to his struggles with drug addiction. Despite being offered a scholarship to pursue secondary education because of his brilliance, his journey into drug abuse derailed his promising future.

“I went to Bishop Herman College on a scholarship from the District Assembly. I had 1 throughout, but only French gave me a grade of 4 at Junior High. So, the DCE invited me one-on-one and told me to just go to school. I went to school and I met a colleague and this is me today,” he lamented.

Prince’s plea for assistance in the video prompted Pastor Elvis Agyemang, convener of Alpha Hour, to donate GH¢12,000 towards securing a rehabilitation program for him. Recent audio-visuals, as seen on priningonline, depict a revitalized Prince Aniawu just weeks after his initial video gained traction. In contrast to his previous disheveled appearance, Prince now looks well-groomed and refreshed in the new visuals.

In a video shared by Nana Tea on YouTube, Prince expresses gratitude to Pastor Elvis Agyemang and all those who contributed to helping him reclaim his life.

Credit: NANA TEA

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