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“Warning Issued by GES to School Heads Regarding Unauthorized Money Collection”

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has issued a warning to school administrators, cautioning them against the unauthorized collection of money from students. This comes in response to reports of certain Senior High School and Senior High Technical School (SHS/SHTS) principals allegedly taking unapproved fees from final year students as part of the clearance process. The GES, in a statement released in Accra, has emphasized that such actions are illegal and has urged school heads to cease this practice immediately and return any money collected to the students. The statement also specifies that any school head found guilty of collecting unauthorized fees before signing clearance forms will face severe penalties.

Furthermore, the GES has advised school administrators to follow established procedures for charging students who have caused damage, loss, or theft of school property before granting them clearance. They have requested that Regional Directors of Education ensure strict compliance with this directive among all SHS/SHTS heads for the effective management of schools.

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