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Watch Christian Atsu’s Second Son Displays Impressive Dribbling Skills and Scores in Football Match

Christian Atsu’s Sons Show Promising Football Skills Following in Their Father’s Footsteps

The sons of late Ghanaian football player, Christian Atsu, seem to be inheriting their father’s talent and passion for the sport. A video has surfaced on the internet, showcasing the football skills of Atsu’s second son.

Marie-Claire Rupio, the mother of Atsu’s children, shared a video on Instagram, capturing their second-born, Godwin Atsupie, exhibiting his football abilities while playing with his peers. In the footage, the young boy demonstrated impressive dribbling and nutmegging skills, eventually scoring a goal during the match.

This follows the success of Christian Atsu’s first son, Joshua Atsupie, who recently achieved victory with his team, Gosforth Football Club Under-9 side, in the Pro Motiv8 Tournament. Joshua’s mother proudly shared a photo on Instagram, showing him holding the tournament trophy.

Tragically, Christian Atsu passed away in the Turkey earthquake in February 2023. Weeks later, he was laid to rest in Ghana, where his wife and children flew to mourn his loss and bid him farewell. The emerging football talents of Atsu’s sons serve as a testament to their father’s legacy and the potential for a bright future in the sport.

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