Watch:”Spokesperson of Nogokpo Alleges Offer of $100,000 to Drop Agyinasare’s Case”

Nufialagah Mawufemor Kobla Nornyigbey, the spokesperson of Nogokpo, has made shocking allegations regarding the summoning of Archbishop Agyinasare, the leader of Perez Chapel International. He claims that certain chiefs involved in the summoning have been compromised and silenced due to bribery attempts.

During an appearance on the Mama Grace show, Nufialagah Mawufemor disclosed that their initial intention to address the Archbishop’s comments about Nogokpo being a “demonic headquarters” took an unexpected turn when political leaders offered a substantial $100,000 bribe to influence the situation.

“The way we initially intended to handle the Agyinasare-Nogokpo issue would have transformed Nogokpo into a haven for investors and opportunities,” Nufialagah Mawufemor said. “However, the situation became compromised, and I had to disassociate myself from it, refusing bribes for the sake of the people’s trust.”

He went on to mention that various individuals, including pastors, political leaders, and traditional leaders, tried to mediate, but compromises started to emerge. Nufialagah Mawufemor also alleged that Togbui Adamah III, the Volta Region’s Paramount Chief, and President of the Some Traditional Council, had distanced himself from their press conference, suggesting he may have been compromised.

In June 2023, the Chiefs of Nogokpo had summoned Archbishop Charles Agyinasare within 14 days, expressing dissatisfaction with his comments. Archbishop Agyinasare clarified that he had no ill intentions towards Nogokpo and was referring to a specific incident, not the town itself.

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