What Is The Next Joke From Dormaahene Agyemang Badu II? By Reindolf Amankwa

Before Ghana was Asanteman. Neither the 1992 Constitution nor any constitution of any of our Republics created the ASANTEHENE. ASANTEHENE y3 na ASANTEHENE dada. The constitution only acknowledged and re-affirmed the power and authority wielded by the Golden Stool, recognizing the sacrifices the Asante Nation had to make for the realization of the new Ghana unitary Republican State.

What we all including the Dormaahene who is a Judge must understand if not accept is that the ASANTE Nation-State had to sacrifice a significant part of its independence and freedom to see to a united state called Ghana. Who, aside the Asantehene and his able Chiefs and Queens would have agreed to make such sacrifices knowing how butter, envious, greedy and selfish most of our traditional leaders are.

Truth remains that if you hate the ASANTEHENE, you need not express that hatred publicly else you incite a stillbirth war. Yet again, if you don’t express it but hoard it in your mind too, it becomes a disease which can lead to madness. The ASANTEHENE is too great to have a coequal.

  1. Over 65 Paramount Chiefs serve the ASANTEHENE and SIKADWA.
  2. Over 150 Divisional Chiefs (Abrempong) serve ASANTEHENE and SIKADWA.
  3. Over 300 Sub-Divisional Chiefs (Nananom Asomfo) serve ASANTEHENE and SIKADWA.
  4. Over 1000 Sub-Chiefs (Adikrofuo) serve ASANTEHENE and SIKADWA through their respective Divisional Chiefs.
  5. Over 1000 Queens (Ahemaa) serve ASANTEHENE and SIKADWA through the Asantehemaa.
  6. Even in foreign lands such as the Kingdom of Netherlands, the United Kingdom, United States of America, etc, the ASANTEHENE through the powers of the Sikadwa has enstooled Chiefs over his Asante citizens who are resident on those foreign lands. Clearly and unarguably, the ASANTE KINGDOM goes beyond the boundaries of Ghana. What is there to argue over who is who in Ghana? If there’s any argument concerning powers and authority of the traditional system of Chieftaincy in Ghana, we may compare others to others but most definitely not any other to the King of Asante.

In any case, the argument that the ASANTEHENE is not a King and that there is no King in Ghana is a lame one. Your subjects have chosen to refer to you as a Chief, we in Asanteman have chosen to call our supreme traditional leader a KING believing that he is a king in the right sense of the word. What problem do you or should anyone have in how we have chosen to address our monarchical leader?

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