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“Why Investing in Real Estate is Superior to Bonds, Treasury Bills, and Fixed Deposits”

According to Alhaji Kamal, the CEO of NAMAL Real Estate, investing in land is the most valuable asset one can have, surpassing treasury bills, bonds, or any other form of fixed deposit. He believes that investing in land is the best investment option available, and estate developers are wealthier because they have invested in the best available assets.

To encourage young people to invest in land, Kamal advised purchasing at least a half plot. He also stated that the value of land is constantly changing, ranging from Ghc10,000 to Ghc30,000, and that a land’s worth cannot be determined as it depends on the purchaser and the intended use of the land. Kamal believes that someone can pay any amount for land if it serves their purpose.

Regarding owning a house, Kamal considers it a liability and advises people to build according to their income. It is essential to know how much money one makes before constructing a house.

In summary, Alhaji Kamal, CEO of NAMAL Real Estate, suggests investing in land as the most valuable asset. He recommends buying at least a half plot and believes that the worth of land cannot be determined as it depends on the purchaser and intended use. Additionally, he advises people to build houses according to their income and considers owning a house a liability

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