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“Why US Immigration Authorities are Searching for Twene Jonas: The Reason Behind It”

There have been concerns about the safety of Twene Jonas, a popular YouTuber and social media influencer in both Ghana and the United States, amidst rumors of his death. Allegedly, he was murdered by an unknown person in New York. However, due to his absence from social media, it has been challenging to determine his current status.

Fortunately, entertainment journalist Ruhy has confirmed that Twene Jonas is alive but is currently on the run. According to Ruhy’s investigation, Twene Jonas is facing difficulties with the US immigration department due to a report filed against him by an estranged friend from his time at Say Da Don camp. The report claimed that he possessed illegal papers.

As a result, Twene Jonas has gone into hiding in remote areas of the United States to evade arrest by US immigration authorities

Source:Club Mate

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