Will GES Recruit Diploma Graduates in 2024?

It is rumored that the Ghana Education Service (GES) aims to recruit 24,000 teachers in 2024 to address the student-teacher ratio. However, concerns have arisen regarding the recruitment of Diploma graduates due to the National Teaching Council’s (NTC) plan to discontinue allowing Diploma graduates to take the Licensure examination from 2024 onward as part of educational reforms.

Will GES Recruit Diploma Graduates in 2024? Yes, Diploma graduates will be recruited in 2024, but post-2024, there will be no avenue for Diploma graduates starting from 2025.

Presenting statistics, Mr. Osei-Owusu disclosed that out of the 6,756 trainees who retook one, two, or all three subjects, 4,128 sat for one subject, 1,764 for two subjects, and 864 for three subjects. Among the resitters, 3,675 failed, while 2,594 of the freshers who participated also did not meet the passing criteria.

He clarified that even if some trainees passed one or two subjects, they are considered overall failures since passing all three subjects is the criterion for success.

Regarding the 2023 reformed Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE), the maiden edition of the subject-based examination revealed that out of 20,181 teacher trainees who took the exams, 9,556, representing over 30%, failed to meet the pass mark. A summary of the results indicated that 10,625 trainees, constituting 52.6%, successfully passed the exams.

The release of results will be accessible on the council’s website, with candidates able to check them using their unique examination pins.


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