World Bank Clarifies: $430 Million COVID-19 Grant to Ghana Properly Utilized

World Bank Defends Use of $430 Million COVID-19 Fund in Ghana

Pierre Frank Laporte, the Country Director of the World Bank in Ghana, has expressed confidence that the $430 million provided to the Ghanaian government to combat the COVID-19 pandemic was appropriately utilized. Laporte clarified that the funds were managed by a dedicated project team consisting of officials from both the World Bank and the Ghanaian government, and were not integrated into Ghana’s national budget.

During an interview on TV3, Laporte emphasized that the project team ensured the funds were used as intended, with direct payments made to contractors. He stated that the World Bank had implemented mechanisms to closely monitor the expenditure, conducting audits and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of every dollar spent.

While acknowledging the need for adherence to proper procedures and documentation, Laporte expressed overall satisfaction that the resources were allocated in accordance with existing procurement requirements. He highlighted that emergency procurement measures were employed by the bank due to the urgent nature of the COVID-19 response.

Laporte further mentioned that the funds provided by the World Bank are still being utilized, and the bank is actively working to make additional funds available for ongoing efforts in Ghana.

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