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Yammin Responds to Bryan Acheampong: NPP Will Willingly Transfer Power to NDC in 2024

National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in response to comments made by Member of Parliament (MP) for Abetifi, Bryan Acheampong, regarding the NPP’s determination to break the eight-year cycle with a Bawumia presidency.

Yammin’s statement seems to suggest that the NDC is prepared to face the NPP in the 2024 elections and will not allow any attempts to rig the elections. He also appears to criticize Acheampong’s comments, describing them as childish and suggesting that he may not fully understand the implications of his words.

Furthermore, Yammin asserts that the NPP should focus on their performance as a government rather than their ability to rig the elections, and that the NDC is ready to face any tricks or strategies that the NPP may employ.

Overall, the statement seems to convey confidence on the part of the NDC, indicating that they are well-prepared for the upcoming elections and will not be intimidated by the NPP’s determination to break the eight-year cycle

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